Friday, January 21, 2011

1st Round of Auditions

I had promised myself that I wouldn't blog again until after the 1st round of auditions had taken place and I knew whether or not I had received admittance into the 2nd round. Well, due to several cancelations of after-school activities and such, the auditions were postponed a couple days, and then the posting of the callback list was pushed back since . . . well, the district cancelled school entirely.

But now it has been anounced that -- *drumroll please* -- I've been called back! Yes!

Okay, so not entirely a shocker, but still. You never know with this director; you can never tell what is on his mind.
I was out getting my driver's permit (finally), and when I came back, a voicemail he had left was waiting for me. It had informed me that I'd been called back for at least one part. He left the information by his room in the school, and to know what part(s) I'm called back for and to acquire the materials/music for them, I'll have to go into the building and look around this weekend.
We've already been out today, which was slightly horrible, since the wind and weather is so bitterly cold and snowy, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to retrieve them. I can hardly wait!

Hopefully by the middle of next week I'll know, and will be able to blog some good news. Before then I might write another post, this time about the audition process that I went through for the 1st round.

Anyway, here's hoping for EPONINE!!  Wish me luck!  *^-^*

Here we have a much younger Lea Salonga (the same girl from the last video) in the 10th Anniversary Concert. Gosh, she's great. *sigh*

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