Friday, July 23, 2010

Supernatural Summer Tour 2010 (Part E)

Before we get to the main part of the post, I just want to mention that I will be INKPOPPER OF THE WEEK, this Monday, July 26, 2010. Yay! An interview (w/ some of my gorgeous pictures -- not of me, of course) with me will be posted on Inkpop's Blog sometime on Monday. If you're interested, please check it out! Also, I have two new works uploaded there, Loss, which is a piece I wrote this week for a writing workshop's anthology (Yes, I know what you're thinking: no more Buffy? *sniff* I've finished all the seasons.), and Black Tears, my novel. The latter also placed in the Top 10 of the Supernatural contest -- but only an excerpt, as the entry limit was 20,000 words, dangit. Now it's up for all to see, critique, and pick. *hint hint, nudge nudge*

On to the main event! lolz. This is the 2nd part of the in-Coldstone interview (once again, ignore the adorable-yet-completely-annoying kids in the background), and the last part that I uploaded to my Youtube Channel. {Just can't get enough of those links. *smilies*} After this post, it's completely original video -- new, and just for you guys. Enjoy.

This week's buddy icon is Honma Risa, who first played CereCere/Sailor Ceres in the Transylvania No Mori Kaiteban (Revision) in 2001. In 2004, she returned to play the role of Sailor Mars in Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu, as well as it's kaiteban. This 2005 revision was also the last set of stages before SeraMyu went on a "temporary hiatus." . . . and hasn't come back yet.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Supernatural Summer Tour 2010 (Part D)

Next up, we move down the block from Anderson's Bookstore to the Coldstone Creamary shop. (It was between that and Starbucks.) There we had ice cream and I got to give a makeshift interview
*on a side note, Kimberly, my father and I all had the same exact flavor: Birthday Cake Remix. Cool or creepy -- take your pick. lolz*

I'd come up with a whole bunch of questions -- two pages, in fact -- but got a bit flustered when I found out that there wasn't enough time to ask them all. Honestly, I'm not that fond of being put under pressure, and kind of floundered around, picking questions off of the list at random, which explains why they're not the most insightful or creative in the world -- just basic. In short, the first question that caught my eye got asked. *sorry* But anyway, here is the 1st part of the 2 part "Coldstone Interview." Enjoy!

This week's buddy icon is from the live action series (commonly abbreviated as PGSM here in the States). It ran for one season, from 2003 to 2004, and enjoyed a fair amount of popularity -- what all the promotional toys and items, giveaways, and special events. It even had a special one-day stage show . . . which is where I took the image from. (I make all the buddy icons you see on this site myself. Hard work goes into each one, so they're made with TLC. lolz)
And hey, I even made the post on Friday! Whatta ya know. ;)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Supernatural Summer Tour 2010 (Part C)

More Buffy. That's been my summer so far, pretty much. I've made it up to the last few episodes of the 6th season, so there's only those eps and the 7th season, and then I have to face reality: summer projects. Ugh.
Anyway, this is the 3rd part of the series, the Q & A with the four authors. I have to admit that the questions from the audiance are much better than the ones I asked later, in Coldstone. But then again, the 4 had to catch their plane to San Diego, the last stop on the tour, so my 2 pages of questions kind of fell by the wayside. *More on that in the next post*

More Miyuki. This is either from Translyvania no Mori, or Death Vulcan, I can't remember (since I haven't seen them in such a long time. >_<  ) DV was a bit hard to follow, plus it never had its own album, so I tend to like TnM better. If you have no idea what I'm babbling on about, take note of this important equation:

     Sailor Moon + musicals  + vampires = Awesome

I know, I know. I'm a straaange person. lolz

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Supernatural Summer Tour 2010 (Part B)

Okay, so the concept of "Friday" is a little lost on me. I was busy . . . watching a nonstop marathon of Buffy . . . which continued on into Saturday and most of Sunday. *shrugs* But here is the 2nd part (B) of the series (?).
This is where the four authors get to continue their talk (finishing up Derting and going on to the other three), telling about each of their projects and leading into the next part, which is all Q & A. Meanwhile, I sit on the sidelines, watching. ^-^

This week's buddy icon is of the late Miyuki Kanbe, who died two years ago on June 18. She was the 3rd girl to play the role of Sailor Moon in the musicals, chosen out of 500 potentials, and was only 15 when she acquired the job in 2000 (which didn't make her the youngest, since  Marina Kuroki, who took her place, was 12). She played the role throughout the Dracul arc of the musicals, from 2000 to 2001. 
Miyuki died in 2008 at the age of 24. Miyuki's Farwell


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