Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rome to Roma with Jordin Sparks (Part 2)

Here's comes the 1st "Rome to Roma" webisode, where we travel through Austria, meeting up with our MC, Tyler, and our celebrity, Jordin! By this time we 14 students were over halfway through our trip -- having already experienced Italy and a wonderful homestay -- we were getting tired, worn out, and frazzled . . . not to mention nervous for the cameras and Ms. Sparks! We really needed that jam session in Friesach, as well as the night we spent "clubbing" . . . which was not included in the video.
After the medieval dinner, we headed to a club that had been emptied for the night, just for us, and listened to some familiar and welcome American music. We partied for hours, getting all sweaty and gross, which was the only bad part; that night we were staying in a Youth Hostel, which lacked one crucial element of basic convenience: a shower. Yupp, we were all kinds of gross. Thankfully, the AUSTRIAN RAINSTORM we had to run through to get to breakfast the next morning washed us off -- literally. {By the time we got to the breakfast hall a mile away, we were all soaked, and I'm pretty sure there was at least an inch of water sloshing around in my shoes.} It was all great fun though, as is this amazing video. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rome to Roma with Jordin Sparks (Part 1)

I'm finally back and at home, free from all of the craziness that has been my summer (for now). That means that I can get back to posting! Yes!
Today's video is the second posted on the P2P Sparks website, "Meet Rome to Roma." It's basically the same as the previous video, introducing we students, as well as Jordin. Ridiculous, but fun. I remember that when it came out, we were in Italy, no one had a computer, and we all had to rush down to the lobby to get an access code for the free WiFi . . . those of us that had iPod Touches or iPhones, that is. *sniff* Enjoy.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

People To People . . . with Jordin Sparks!!

Oh, there has been so much happening as of late! I haven't even begun to process it, which is why this post has been a long time in coming.
Remember how I said that I was the lucky member of a special delegation for People to People this summer? Well, I thought I was lucky then . . . watch the video. Really. Just do it.
Then die of jealously. *giggles hysterically*

Yupp. That's us. We're going to Europe with Jordin Sparks!!
There's so much to do, so much to plan, so much . . . what am I even still doing on here? I've got to prepare!! *runs off to pack suitcase*

Saturday, April 30, 2011

SNSD Awesomeness

Girl's Generation (SNSD) has finally dropped the official music video for their newest single, Mr. Taxi. Yes, they're skimpy outfits, and yes, sometimes the song sticks in your head so much and so late at night -- when you're trying to sleep, dang it! -- that you kind of want to fly over to Korea to smack these 9 girls upside the head. But that, in fact, is what makes their songs so enjoyable. For me, at least.

Monday, March 7, 2011

People to People, Brown, NBC, and Stephen Sondheim (what?!)

Seriously, how is it the 3rd month of the year already? It just doesn't seem possible at all, does it?

Anyway, since I've last written, there's been major news (not that anybody reads this, but oh well). You're looking at one of People To People's newest Student Ambassadors for 2011! *whoo whoo clap clap general awesomeness*
That right. Since my Select Choir director won a contest through P2P and NBC, she gets to take 13 or so students on a P2P European trip this summer, free of charge! We're going to France, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy, and you bet I'm gonna write about all of that! (especially since we're required to fill a journal up on the trip) Look forward to it! heee.

Also, I have applied and received my acceptance for Brown's Pre-College summer course this coming summer, which I'm super excited about. I've always wanted to do an official summer writing course at a college, and I was lucky enough to find one that took place after I come back from Europe. (You'd be amazed at how many take place smack dab in the middle of July, right when I'm going to be overseas -- including the one at Columbia, which would have been my #1 choice. But seriously, I'm sooo lucky, so I'm not gonna truly complain.)

This summer is looking to be insane, what with P2P, Brown, and surely a whole frickin' bunch of summer projects for the college-level courses I'll be taking next year. Let's list them, shall we?

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Well, I didn't get the role. *sigh* The role of Eponine was given to a senior -- which I'm fine with, because she deserved it. The roles of Cosette and Fantine, though, are a different matter. Not so much Cosette (which was given to a junior) as Fantine . . . which was snapped up by a sophomore. And I'm not even kidding.
The director obviously wanted a much more modern, "soulful" sound. I could have given him that, but I honestly thought he was going to do a faithful adaptation of Les Miserables. But obviously, considering the people he chose to be the leads . . . he isn't. Oh well. Le Miz means a lot to me, but I've had almost a week to cool down since finding out the results, so it doesn't sting as much as it did. *sting sting*

No, it doesn't matter that neither the junior nor the sophomore had ever heard of Le Miz before it was announced to be the musical. No, it doesn't matter that neither of them really wanted a part in this show, anyway. They thought it was too gritty -- too vulgar. Well, honey, if you think Le Miz is "gritty," you haven't seen anything yet.

I am a little bitter, but that's to be expected. And it's not like I'm only in the chorus. He made me a prostitute. *deadpans* A prostitute on stage during "Lovely Ladies," and then I have a solo near the end in the song, "Turning." One line of a solo. Damn. But I suppose it's better than nothing.

I'll just have to suck it up and try my best, which I seem to be good at doing. This experience has just taught me to not get involved in a musical/project which I have an emotional attachment to. That being said . . . I can't just quit. I do love Le Miz, after all, and if I quit now, there's no possible chance of getting a lead next year. So I just have to plug on through, and be the best damn trollop I can be.
(Never thought I'd ever say that. lolz)

Friday, January 21, 2011

1st Round of Auditions

I had promised myself that I wouldn't blog again until after the 1st round of auditions had taken place and I knew whether or not I had received admittance into the 2nd round. Well, due to several cancelations of after-school activities and such, the auditions were postponed a couple days, and then the posting of the callback list was pushed back since . . . well, the district cancelled school entirely.

But now it has been anounced that -- *drumroll please* -- I've been called back! Yes!

Okay, so not entirely a shocker, but still. You never know with this director; you can never tell what is on his mind.
I was out getting my driver's permit (finally), and when I came back, a voicemail he had left was waiting for me. It had informed me that I'd been called back for at least one part. He left the information by his room in the school, and to know what part(s) I'm called back for and to acquire the materials/music for them, I'll have to go into the building and look around this weekend.
We've already been out today, which was slightly horrible, since the wind and weather is so bitterly cold and snowy, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to retrieve them. I can hardly wait!

Hopefully by the middle of next week I'll know, and will be able to blog some good news. Before then I might write another post, this time about the audition process that I went through for the 1st round.

Anyway, here's hoping for EPONINE!!  Wish me luck!  *^-^*

Here we have a much younger Lea Salonga (the same girl from the last video) in the 10th Anniversary Concert. Gosh, she's great. *sigh*


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