Wednesday, January 25, 2012

5 Months

Well, before I knew it, 5 months had flown by. So much has happened, but that's obvious, right? (B/C it's been 5 months!) Since I last posted, the last of the "Rome to Roma with Jordin Sparks" videos have come out, which you can watch right here.
Other reasons why I've been super-excited include this glorious fact: I'm going to JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY!!! So happy. When I toured it in August (a bit after I last posted), it was love at first sight. It has the major that I want -- the Writing Seminars, the #1 creative writing program in the country -- and the extras that I want, too -- the Peabody Conservatory of Music is connected to JHU, so I can take lessons there if I wish it. Yes!!
I can't promise that I'll have a running commentary of my time leading up to and during my time there (cuz you know what happens when I promise that . . . it doesn't happen . . .), but once in a while I'll stop and think: let's update this thing!
Anyway, here's my current obsession: Step, by KARA!


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