Monday, August 3, 2009

New Stuff

Wearing: black/white Aeropostale sweat jacket, ripped white-wash jeans, black moccasins

Listening to: We Believe You (playlist)

Happy August!
Right now it's a sweltering 87 degrees F here (which is hot for us), and I'm just glad that air conditioning was invented. :D

I've added some new stuff to the blog, cluttering it up, but it's all for convenience -- I just don't know whose convenience it is for.
New songs have been added to the playlist at the bottom of the page. A few Vanessa-Mae songs, plus some more BSSM (my own personal abbreviation). And did you notice that the page takes a little longer to scroll down? That's because of the Seventeen widget I put down there. I think it only applies to those that live in the US, but if anyone has a suggestion of another prize/widget thingie, just post a comment.

Rachelle Gardner, a literary agent here in the States, recently wrote a really good post, detailing the differences between craft and story.

Also, check out my work on Teen Ink so far! It's mostly pictures, though.

I just sent in a new work to them a couple of days ago, and hopefully soon it will be read and posted there. When it does, I'll let y'all know.


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