Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm Officially Smarter than 99% of People My Age

Exactly what the title says.

I got my standardized test scores back today, and I'm in the 99th percentile for practically everything (except math, and that's in the 95th). I'm just the teensiest bit happy.

In other news, I've just joined Inkpop, a site for aspiring authors. Pretty much anyone can join, and if you do, friend me -- but mention this post, otherwise I might ignore your request (there are some trolls on that site!!). Every month, the top 5 picks for the site are read by editors at Harper Collins publishers. They give feedback on your work, and could even make an offer for your book.

Getting back to the test for a moment, let me just say that I did not get a perfect score. Far from it. I was close on the Writing sections, but no cigar. But isn't that a little pathetic, that I can do a kinda/halfway job on the test, and still rank so high? I'm smart and a sharp cookie, don't get me wrong, but the whole thing's kinda sad. Study harder, people!

(Then again, maybe y'all shouldn't. More competition for me.)

Do better next year!

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