Friday, April 24, 2009


Wearing: ripped+holey white-washed jeans, purple tissue tee, light gray suede moccasins

Listening to: Fearless

I finally got to see Sabrina a few days ago. *sigh* So Good. But it's kind of funny how I'm such a fan of her, and yet I had only seen Breakfast at Tiffany's up to that point. Oh well.

Roman Holiday is going to be on TCM in a few days, too. I'm going out to see a show that day, missing my piano lesson and everything (so bad ;D ), so I have to tape it.
But that's completely fine with me, because then I'll have it on tape!

Anyway, Sabrina was such a good movie. Sure, the plot was kind of predictable, and the lines were just a bit cheesy, but Audrey was absolutely beautiful, and Humphrey Bogart wasn't too terrible, either.

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