Sunday, April 5, 2009

Red Eye + Link

I was researching agents a while ago, and came across a great informative link. (Don't I sound smart? *rolls eyes*) So I thought, why not share? This is from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, but it pertains to anyone trying to track down and weed out suspicious agents. Lots of links from that link that are also helpful. Click, or die!!

On a side note, I've recently become addicted to a show called "RedEye," on Fox News. It's at something like three in the morning, and since I'm usually asleep (hopefully) by then, I have to tape it. It's funny, and kind of witty, but also a bit sick. Some good points are made, one of my favorites from the past week comparing Obama to a jealous stepfather. Very weird, and not that good if you're liberal or anything, but it doesn't really discriminate. They are, more or less, fair and balanced. And Pinch, the New York Times consultant (who's a pile of nyt papers with googly eyes taped on and a string to make the top section of papers move like a mouth) is absolutely hilarious.

Check out for the host's Gregalouge (it's a monolouge, but with Greg), or go to , the show's direct site. No matter what party you are, the show's good for at least a cheap laugh. ;)

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