Tuesday, February 9, 2010

All Hail the New Bird Girl

For some strange reason, I decided to audition for "Seussical the Musical," my school's musical of choice this year. 2009's was "The Wiz." o_O And thus I ended up being casted as a Bird Girl, and now have to sing 3-part harmony while wearing giant feathers on top of my head. I'm so thrilled.

But though I might sound like I hate the role, it's actually going to be a lot of fun, getting to be someone different. It'll be an experience, at least. Hopefully a good one. *crosses fingers*

I've also finally picked out the song I'll be singing for NYSMMA (an edjudication, with an end possibility of getting to go to Area All-State and/or All State), which is Se' Tu Mami, composed by Pergolesi. It's really beautiful, and from the first time I heard it, it "spoke" to me. I've never had that happen before.
Hopefully that's a good omen!

On a side note, I've just finished the Mugen Gakuen and it's revision, and am starting on the 2003 Starlights. I miss Hikari. *sniff* But as such, my icon for you today is from the Ankoku no Black Lady Kaiteiban, a cute arrangement of images from "Knockin' Down Hesitation!"

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