Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ack! Why Is My Computer Like This?!

So for a few weeks I've been trying to upload the (exclusive) videos, to no avail. I've sometimes started uploading them at 1 in the afternoon, letting it run until 8 or 9 at night (!!), but everything I do eventually results in a little pop-up window saying: "There was an error uploading your video," or something similiar. I'm fed up and tired of it, and really sad, because there's no way I'm going to put these videos on Youtube. (They're not bad or anything {this week's was going to be a tour of the Club Level floor of the Naperville Hilton, for Pete's sake}, but in them I'm especially happy and giddy, which translates to idiotic. ^-^; )

So that means that for now, the SST 2010 posts are over. *sobs*

Anyway, I'll ignore my pain and suffering (lolz) for a bit to offer a fabulous link for y'all: Black Tears  This link will only work up to the 19th, and maybe a little bit after that, because I entered by book (mentioned above) in Inkpop's "Kisses From Hell" writing challenge. Check it out here: Love is Hell: The Kisses From Hell Writing Challenge  The link to my book is an extra-special one, and will be switched back to the original as soon as the contest winners are announced. But until then, the URL is different, and I don't want anyone to miss out on my awesome, wonderful project just because of a little "This page does not exist" warning.
And since I already had the buddy icon for this post picked out and loaded in -- and the description typed out -- I'll keep it as a special gift. (and free advertising for one of my favorite sites. lolz) Enjoy, word for word.

This week's buddy icon is Ruria Nakamura, the Saturn for the 2002 Mugen Gakuen musical, as well as its revision.
I currently am using a different picture of her as my avatar and signature at SeraMyuAntics. Or, rather its forum. Both places are extremely fun and the forum has people who are really sweet as their members. No nastiness, and it's wonderful. If you're interested, please check them out.  ^-^

Ah, well. *sighs*
On a different note, if you have an idea of a buddy icon you'd like to see featured (from movies, art, theater, random prints, etc.), leave a comment, and who knows -- you just might see it up here for you all to use. *waves*

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